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Christos Christodoulopoulos
chrchrs@ amazon . co . uk

Most people seem to find my surname difficult to pronounce. It is for their benefit that I have created this page.

My short story Entscheidungsproblem is published as part of the Take Tea with Turing anthology. It is an interactive app for iOS, android and kindle (I have created the last two).

(if you don't have an iOS/android device you can read it or --for the more adventurous-- listen to a dramatisation)

This is what happens when academics get out in the real world. (From my olive-oil harvesting of 2009, in one of the family's groves)

When I'm not solving all of language, I enjoy listening to* and spreading the scientific word!
I was the producer and a correspondent of the Edinburgh University Science Podcast
Check out the website or the twitter feed.

*Here is a list of all the podcasts I'm currently listening to:
99% Invisible, Flash Forward, Freakonomics Radio, Intelligence2, Invisibilia, More Perfect, More or Less, No Such Things As A Fish, Philosophy Bites, Planet Money, Radiolab, Speculative Grammarian Podcast, Talking Machines, The Allusionist, The Infinite Monkey Cage, The Inquiry, The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe