A guide for the correct pronunciation of my surname:


My surname has three main components:
Christo: [related to] Christ
doulo: servant [of]
poulos: lit.(through Latin): small bird, fig: son of
So, the full surname roughly translates to "the son of the servant of Christ". However, my dad is not a priest (nor would my son by named Christodoulopoulo-poulos!). The most likely origin of the surname comes is that during the beginning of modern Greek nation (circa 1820s), most people, who until then had only first names, had to get an official family name. In my local region of Greece (the Peloponnese) one solution was to add the copula "poulos" after your first name. It was then that the son of a great-great-great grandfather called Christodoulos (a common-ish first name) gave himself the surname Christodoulopoulos.

My first name:

Although it is not perceivable in the English rendition, my first name in Greek is spelled Χρήστος and not Χρίστος, the latter meaning "anointed" or "chosen". Instead, the former spelling means, "proper", "good".