PoS Induction test results

Here you can download all the results from my unsupervised POS induction experiment.
You can choose a specific model, corpus and tagset (and see the results for different number of induced clusters) from the dropboxes bellow or you can download all the files.

You can also download the collapsed 13-tagset used to approximate the Multext-East tagset.

Result Files

Model Corpus Tagset

All result files (results.tar)

Evaluation measure abbreviations

Many-to-1Many-to-one accuracy
1-to-1One-to-one accuracy
CrossValCross-Validation accuracy
H(CL)Induced cluster entropy
VIVariation of Information
SPSubstitutable Precision
SRSubstitutable Recall
F-SCoreSubstitutable F-Score
hSubstitutable Homogeneity
cSubstitutable Completeness
S-VMSubstitutable V-Measure
S-VM(b)Substitutable V-beta